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Death and the Dervish

Selimović Meša

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Death and the Dervish is an acclaimed novel by Bosnian writer Mesa Selimovic. It recounts the story of Sheikh Nuruddin, a dervish residing in an Islamic monastery in Sarajevo in the eighteenth century during the Ottoman Turk hegemony over the Balkans. When his brother is arrested, he must descend into the Kafkaesque world of the Turkish authorities in his search to discover what happened to him. He narrates his story in the form of an elaborate suicide note, regularly misquoting the Koran. In time, he begins to question his relations with society as a whole and, eventually, his life choices in general. Hugely successful when published in the 1960s, Death and the Dervish is an enduring classic from twentieth-century Yugoslavia.

"A famous novel...that generates enormous power--worthy of comparison with Selimovic's great countryman and forerunner Ivo Andric." —Kirkus

"If there is any alternative to the bleak despair that permeates Death and the Dervish, it could be found in the solidarity and love between members of a family and friends. This simple message is timely, and badly needed in Bosnia today." —World Literature Today

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Izdavač: Northwestern University Press
Biblioteka: Writings from an Unbound Europ
Prevod sa: srpskohrvatskog Bogdan Rakić, Stephen M. Dickey
ISBN: 9780810112971
Godina izdanja: 1996
Broj stranica: 473
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