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Dinosaurs - 3D Pop-Up Popnrock

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  • Dinosaurs - 3D Pop-Up Popnrock
  • Wild and colourful, this oh-so fun Popnrock is ideal for many occasions! With just a nudge the 3D pop-up rocks from side to side, and the delightful dinosaurs move with it! In the scene you’ll spot terrific Triceratops, brilliant Brachiosaurus and splendid Stegosaurus – with many more to be found as well!
  • With unique illustrations and intricate moving components, Santoro’s Popnrock™ are 3D pop-up paper sculptures! Ready assembled with space for your own personalised message, each Popnrock™ gently rocks from side to side and features a number of real moving components. Quite simply a rockin’ revolution, Santoro’s Popnrock™ are the perfect way to make your message memorable!

Warnings | Measurements:

  • Approx Size: 15.7 x 18.4 cm 

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Izdavač: Santoro
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