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Insects - 3D Pop-Up Popnrock

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  • Insects - 3D Pop-Up Popnrock
  • With delicate waterlilies perched upon lilypads and colourful reeds in teal and blush pink tones, this Popnrock features nature’s true delights! Magenta, ruby and mustard coloured butterflies and dragonflies gently graze the water surface in this unique illustration, creating a tranquil scene that is sure to be enjoyed by loved ones!
  • With unique illustrations and intricate moving components, Santoro’s Popnrock™ are 3D pop-up paper sculptures! Ready assembled with space for your own personalised message, each Popnrock™ gently rocks from side to side and features a number of real moving components. Quite simply a rockin’ revolution, Santoro’s Popnrock™ are the perfect way to make your message memorable!


  • Approx size: 18.4 x 16cms
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Izdavač: Santoro
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