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Caterpillar Summer

Gillian McDunn

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Cat is the glue holding her family together. When her little brother Chicken has a meltdown, she knows just how to calm him, whether it's scratching his back or reading his favourite book. They've always had a special bond. But with their mum working extra hard after their dad's death, Cat is struggling to keep everything afloat.

When Cat and Chicken unexpectedly end up spending the summer with the grandparents they've never met, Cat suddenly has the space to be a kid again. Gradually, she discovers that days on Gingerbread Island are full of fishing, fireflies and new friendships - as well as a lifetime of family secrets. Could this summer be Cat's chance to bring her fractured family together again?

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Izdavač: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN: 9781526606266
Godina izdanja: 2019
Broj stranica: 304
Težina: 214
Tip uveza: paperback