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Personal Things and the Rest

Suljić Edin

Proizvod trenutno nije dostupan

This is the first poetry collection by London-based writer, translator, performer, photographer and filmmaker Edin Suljic. Written over 26 years (1992-2018) the poems trace his rages and loves, explorations and reflections, as "an itinerant of history, a pilgrim through the landscapes of collective memory" (Abol Froushan). Edin grew up in what once was Yugoslavia and was abroad when it exploded in civil war in 1991. He went back in 2015, as new refugees were trekking through from Syria. How can we live together? This question animates his writing. Some poems came out of collaborative projects: Exiled Writers Ink, Bards Without Borders, Who Are We. His work has appeared in Index on Censorship, Poetry Connections, Soul Immigrants, TheSHOp, and the FLO Literary Festival website (Kosova). He translated Cry of Bosnia: A Personal Diary of the Bosnian War by Elvira Simic, won the Italian Premio Andersen for children's stories, is currently developing scripts for theatre.

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Izdavač: Hafan Books
ISBN: 9780995496675
Godina izdanja: 2018
Broj stranica: 74
Težina: 160
Tip uveza: Paperback