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Gregor and the Code of Claw

The Underland Chronicles

Collins Suzanne

Cijena: KM
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The stunning conclusion to the riveting Gregor the Overlander series, re-issued with a striking newly-designed cover.

Everyone in the Underland has been taking great pains to keep The Prophecy of Time from Gregor. Gregor knows it must say something awful but he never imagined just how awful: it calls for the warrior's death.

Now, with an army of rats approaching, and his mum and sister still in Regalia, Gregor the warrior must gather up his courage to help defend Regalia and get his family home safely. The entire existence of the Underland is in Gregor's hands, and time is running out. There is a code to be cracked, a mysterious new princess, Gregor's burgeoning dark side, and a war to end all wars.


Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780702303296
Godina izdanja: 2020
Broj stranica: 336
Težina: 230
Tip uveza: Paperback

O autoru

Suzanne Collins je rođena 1962. u SAD-u. Autorica je brojnih dječijih televizijskih emisija, uključujući i Clarissa Explain it All, koja je bila nominovana za nagradu Emmy. U periodu 2003–2007. napisala je seriju od pet fantastičnih romana The Underland Chronicles. Njena trilogija Igre gladi postala je internacionalni bestseler.   



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