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Poppi Loves - Lockable Notebook - Quiet Night Reading


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In midnight blue and emerald green tones, it is decorated with the Quiet Night Reading artwork, which features Poppi and her animal friends reading beneath a tree.

Displayed above them is the text ‘Poppi began to read… “Once upon a bedtime story…”’, whilst the reverse sees the friends gazing up at the stars from a tree branch.

The lockable notebook can be opened with the heart-shaped padlock, revealing lined interior pages with a date section and illustrations to the corners, as well as a red ribbon to hold your page.

Approx Measurements

10 x 15 x 4cm

Proizvod je dostupan: NE
Izdavač: Santoro
ISBN: 5018997505922
Godina izdanja: 2018
Broj stranica: 240
Težina: 450
Tip uveza: Hardcover