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The Meaning of Science

A Pelican Books

Tim Lewens

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What is science? Is it uniquely equipped to deliver universal truths? Or is it one of many disciplines - art, literature, religion - that offer different forms of understanding? In The Meaning of Science, Tim Lewens offers a provocative introduction to the philosophy of science, showing us for example what physics teaches us about reality, what biology teaches us about human nature, and what cognitive science teaches us about human freedom. Drawing on the insights of towering figures like Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn, Lewens shows how key questions in science matter, often in personal, practical and political ways.

"Tim Lewens's wonderful addition to the excellent Pelican Introductions series, The Meaning of Science, is all the evidence any open-minded inquirer needs to demonstrate the worth of philosophy of science . . . Like the best introductions, this is more manifesto than textbook, making a convincing case for its subject by explaining why it is both important and interesting. There is no better, clearer case for why both science and philosophy matter and why neither can replace the other." - Julian Baggini, Guardian 'Books of the Year'

"Tremendous . . . The Meaning of Science provides not only a compact and accessible survey of the philosophy of science as it used to be, but a glimpse of what it may become." - Jonathan Ree, Literary Review

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Izdavač: Pelican
ISBN: 9780141977423
Godina izdanja: 2015
Broj stranica: 320
Težina: 187
Tip uveza: Paperback