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The Confidence-Man and Billy Budd, Sailor

Herman Melville

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With an essay by Daniel G. Hoffmann.

'Life is a pic-nic en costume; one must take a part, assume a character, stand ready in a sensible way to play the fool'

In The Confidence-Man, Melville's unnerving and hallucinatory satire on the American dream, a slippery trickster and master of disguise comes to swindle his fellow passengers - who themselves may also be con-men - aboard a Mississippi steamboat.

Billy Budd, Sailor, published after Melville's death in 1891, is a gripping allegory of good and evil, as an innocent man, pressed into service on a British man-of-war, is falsely accused of mutiny. Both these late works are animated with the dark genius of the greatest of American writers.


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Izdavač: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780141199306
Godina izdanja: 2012
Broj stranica: 448
Težina: 308
Tip uveza: Paperback