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Roald Dahl

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Phizzwhizzing new cover look and branding for the World's NUMBER ONE Storyteller!

On a dark, silvery moonlit night, Sophie is snatched from her bed by a giant.
Luckily it is the Big Friendly Giant, the BFG, who only eats snozzcumbers and glugs frobscottle.
But there are other giants in Giant Country.
Fifty foot brutes who gallop far and wide every night to find human beans to eat.
Can Sophie and her friend the BFG stop them? Let's hope so - otherwise the next child a gruesome giant guzzles could be YOU.

Also look out for new Roald Dahl apps in the App store and Google Play- including the disgusting TWIT OR MISS! and HOUSE OF TWITS inspired by the revolting Twits.

Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780141365428
Godina izdanja: 2016
Broj stranica: 224
Težina: 186
Tip uveza: Paperback