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Klutz Jr: My Pom-Pom Pet Shop

Editors of Klutz

Cijena: KM
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With this kit, kids can create ten of their own fuzzy friends using pre­made pom­poms, paper punch­outs, and glue. Then they can assemble their own pet carrier to transport their critters. Altogether itÙs everything you need to make a pom­pom pet shop—no food, walks, or house­training required.


28­page book
30+ pom­poms
20 half­bead eyes
70+ punch­out pieces

Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Scholastic US
ISBN: 9781338159561
Godina izdanja: 2017
Broj stranica: 28
Težina: 220
Tip uveza: Mixed medi