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The Blessed Girl

Angela Makholwa

Cijena: KM
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'I really, really loved it' - Marian Keyes

'Absolute heaven - I am cackling out loud!' - Nina Stibbe

'The most exciting new heroine I've read in a very long time' - Katie Fforde

'Blows apart the South African society with one of fiction's most dynamic heroines' – Stylist


Shortlisted for the Comedy Women in Print Prize


Blessed [pronounced bles-id]

The state of being blessed, often referring to a person, usually female, who lives a luxurious lifestyle funded by an older, often married partner

Young, beautiful and ambitious, Bontle Tau has Johannesburg wrapped around her finger. Her admirers are falling over themselves to pay for her Mercedes, her penthouse, and her Instagrammable holidays. She's come a long way, and it's been far from easy.

Yes, Bontle gets the blues from time to time. The shrink keeps wanting to talk about a past she's put behind her. But what she doesn't think about can't hurt her, can it?

Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 9781526612526
Godina izdanja: 2020
Broj stranica: 304
Težina: 250
Tip uveza: paperback