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Tim Lebbon

Cijena: KM
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From the bestselling author of Netflix's The Silence comes a brand-new horror eco thriller.

Earth's rising oceans contain enormous islands of refuse, the Amazon rainforest is all-but destroyed, and countless species edge towards extinction. Humanity's last hope to save the planet lies with The Virgin Zones, thirteen vast areas of land off-limits to people and given back to nature.

Dylan leads a clandestine team of adventure racers, including his daughter Jenn, into Eden, the oldest of the Zones. Jenn carries a secret--Kat, Dylan's wife who abandoned them both years ago, has entered Eden ahead of them. Jenn is determined to find her mother, but neither she nor the rest of their tight-knit team are prepared for what confronts them.

Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Titan Publ. Group Ltd.; 01 Edi
ISBN: 9781789092936
Godina izdanja: 2020
Broj stranica: 359
Težina: 300
Tip uveza: paperback