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Wild Symphony

Brown Dan

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown makes his picture book debut with this mindful, humorous, musical, and uniquely entertaining book!


Travel through the trees and across the seas with Maestro Mouse and his musical friends! Young readers will meet a big blue whale and speedy cheetahs, tiny beetles and graceful swans. Each has a special secret to share.


Along the way, you might spot the surprises Maestro Mouse has left for you-a hiding buzzy bee, jumbled letters that spell out clues, and even a coded message to solve! Children and adults can enjoy this timeless picture book as a traditional read-along, or can choose to listen to original musical compositions as they read-one for each animal-using a free interactive smartphone app which uses augmented reality to instantly play the appropriate song for each page when the camera of a mobile device is held over it.

Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Puffin
ISBN: 9780241467916
Godina izdanja: 2020
Broj stranica: 44
Težina: 100
Tip uveza: hardcover

O autoru

Dan Brown (1964, New Hampshire) autor je romana Da Vincijev kod, prodanog u više od 80 miliona primjeraka širom svijeta, Digitalna tvrđava, Anđeli i demoni, Velika obmana, Izgubljeni simbol, Inferno. Njegova djela prevedena su na 56 svjetskih jezika i prodana u više od 200 miliona primjeraka. Posljednji Brownov roman, Porijeklo, istražuje dva temeljna pitanja čovječanstva: Odakle dolazimo? Kuda idemo?




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