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The Double

Dostoevsky Fyodor

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Constantly rebuffed from the social circles he aspires to frequent, the timid clerk Golyadkin is confronted by the sudden appearance of his double, a more brazen, confident and socially successful version of himself, who abuses and victimizes the original. As he is increasingly persecuted, Golyadkin finds his social, romantic and professional life unravelling, in a spiral that leads to a catastrophic denouement.

The Double, Dostoevsky’s second published work of fiction, which foreshadows in its themes many of his mature novels, is the surreal and hallucinatory tale of an unfortunate anti-hero, at once chilling in its depiction of the dark sides of human nature and exuberantly comical.

"The most impressive thing about The Double is how pertinent it feels today … like all the best fiction, The Double reinvents and rewrites itself for the current age." - Jeremy Dyson

"The real nineteenth-century prophet was Dostoevsky, not Karl Marx." - Albert Camus


Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Alma Books
ISBN: 9781847496034
Godina izdanja: 2016
Broj stranica: 256
Težina: 204
Tip uveza: Paperback