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Winter Notes on Summer Impressions

Dostojevski Fjodor

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In June 1862, Dostoevsky left Petersburg on his first excursion to Western Europe. Ostensibly making the trip to consult Western specialists about his epilepsy, he also wished to see first-hand the source of the Western ideas he believed were corrupting Russia. Over the course of his journey he visited a number of major cities, including Berlin, Paris, London, Florence, Milan and Vienna.

His record of the trip, Winter Notes on Summer Impressions – first published in the February 1863 issue of Vremya, the periodical he edited – is the chrysalis out of which many elements of his later masterpieces developed.

"Important as an early statement of some of Dostoevsky’s favourite concepts, and interesting as an example of his acid journalistic style." - The New York Review of Books

"With his usual comic and cruel candour, Dostoevsky concedes that his observations may be sour and jaundiced, and it is characteristic of him that he does not conceal his bias." - Saul Bellow


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