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Power to the Princess : 15 Favourite Fairytales Retold with Girl Power

Vita Murrow

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"Brilliant." -Kirkus Reviews, starred review
What if princesses didn't always marry Prince Charming and live happily ever after? In this stunning anthology - elegantly presented in a red, clothbound hard cover with gold-toned metallic debossing - 15 favourite fairytales have been retold for a new generation. These princesses are smart, funny and kind, and can do anything they set their minds to.
Focused on issues including self-image, confidence, LGBTQ, friendship, advocacy and disability, these stories are perfect for sharing between parents and children, or for older princesses or princes to read by themselves. They teach that a princess is a person who seeks to help others, is open to learning new things, and looks for ways to add purpose to their lives and the lives of those around them.
Get reacquainted with these powerful princesses:
Snow White - champion of real beauty
Sleeping Beauty - specialist on sleeping disorders
Thumbelina - music producer and advocate
Rapunzel - world-famous architect
Belle the Brave - undercover agent
Elisabeth and the Wild Swans - fashion designer
Cinderella - prime minster and businesswoman
Star and the 12 Dancers - dancer
The Goose Girl - stand-up comedian
Princess Sevinah (and the Pea) - founder of the Fairyland Dating Service
The Snow Queen - winter sports coach
The Little Mermaid - advocate for peace between mer-people and humans
Zade - storyteller (of 1001 tales) and businesswoman
Evangeline (The Frog Princess) - natural historian
Little Red Riding Hood - environmentalist and Princess of the Wolves
Power to the princess!
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Izdavač: Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781786032027
Godina izdanja: 2018
Broj stranica: 96
Težina: 671
Tip uveza: Hardback