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Pleasures and Days

Marcel Proust

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Proust’s only other work of fiction published in his lifetime apart from the monumental novel cycle In Search of Lost Time, Pleasures and Days takes the reader on a journey through the high-society circles of fin-de-siècle Paris, presenting the lives, loves and attitudes of a host of unforgettable characters.

Contains: ‘To My Friend Willie Heath’, ‘The Death of Baldassare Silvande’, ‘Violante, Or High Society’, ‘Fragments From Italian Comedy’, ‘Bouvard and Pecuchet on Society and Music’, Mme de Breyves’s Melancholy Summer Vacation’, ‘Portraits of Painters and Musicians’, ‘The Confession of a Young Woman’, ‘A Dinner in Town’, ‘Nostalgia – Daydreams under Changing Skies’, ‘The End of Jealousy’.

"Pleasure and Days yields the earliest blooms from [Proust’s] emerging, lifelong fascination with the labyrinths of snobbery and sexuality in Parisian high society."

The Independent

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Izdavač: Alma Books
ISBN: 9781847493170
Godina izdanja: 2014
Broj stranica: 256
Težina: 266
Tip uveza: Paperback