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Challenges Level 3 Student Book

Engleski jezik za osmi razred devetogodišnje osnovne škole

David Mower, Michael Harris, Asmir Mešić

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Packed with achievable tasks that help students build their confidence and ability in all four skills. Challenges supports teachers and students in their quest for meaningful and enjoyable lessons.

  • A topic-based approach that enables students to learn about the world through English and the language at the same time
  • Each level is hosted by a group of teenagers that provide positive role models as they overcome their limitations to achieve something worthwhile as a group
  • A unique teaching package that includes over 50 teacher development workshops covering topics such as CLIL, crisis management, discipline, citizenship and dyslexia


Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Pearson
ISBN: 9788376000794
Godina izdanja: 2007
Broj stranica: 152
Težina: 419
Tip uveza: meki