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Oliver Twist

Dickens Charles

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Thanks to its colourful cast of characters and gritty portrayal of street life in Victorian London, Dickens' "Oliver Twist" has captured readers' hearts for over 150 years. Today's children will love it too. Oliver, a poor orphan, escapes the miserable workhouse where he was born only to fall into the clutches of a band of pickpockets led by the odious Fagin. Yet no amount of cruelty can destroy his purity...and through his goodness, he finds salvation.

Proizvod je dostupan: DA
Izdavač: Sterling Juvenile
ISBN: 9781402754258
Godina izdanja: 2008
Broj stranica: 464
Težina: 580
Tip uveza: hardback

O autoru

Charles John Huffam Dickens was an English writer and social critic. He created some of the world's best-known fictional characters and is regarded by many as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era.


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