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The Panic Years

'Every millennial woman should have this on her bookshelf' Pandora Sykes

Nell Frizzell

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'As informative as it is poetic' Dolly Alderton

'Compassionate, funny and beautifully written' Daisy Buchanan

Every woman will experience the panic years in some way between her mid-twenties and early-forties.

This maddening period of transformation and personal crisis is recognisable by the myriad of decisions we make - about partners, holidays, jobs, homes, savings, friendships - all of which are impacted by the urgency of the single decision that comes with a biological deadline, the one decision that is impossible to take back; whether or not to have a baby.

But how to stay sane in such a maddening time? How to know who you are and what you might want from life? How to know if you're making the right decisions?

Raw, hilarious and beguilingly honest, Nell Frizzell's account of her panic years is both an arm around the shoulder and a campaign to start a conversation. This affects us all - women, men, mothers, children, partners, friends, colleagues - so it's time we started talking about it with a little more candour.


- 'Loved this book! Highly recommend for any woman (or man!) during the weird time in your 20s' *****

- 'Those panicky feelings of being a 24-30 something put into words' *****

- 'This book brings forth a sigh of relief. Excellent book that really taps into what so many of us are thinking and feeling, but not saying' *****

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Izdavač: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781529176285
Godina izdanja: 2022
Broj stranica: 352
Težina: 241
Tip uveza: Paperback