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Cutting Edge Advanced

Students Book and CD-Rom Pack

Sarah Cunningham,Frances Eales

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New Cutting Edge is the best-selling adult course known throughout the world for its practical approach to task-based learning. Combined with a comprehensive grammar and skills syllabus, the course has a strong emphasis on vocabulary and pronunciation. Self-study CD-ROMs and software for interactive whiteboards make it even more engaging for learners.

With a task-based learning approach, the main objective is for students to use the language that they know in order to achieve a particular communication goal.  Generally focussed on speaking, tasks are opportunities for in-class communication which encourages fluency and confidence.


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Izdavač: Pearson
ISBN: 9781405852319
Godina izdanja: 2007
Broj stranica: 175
Težina: 542
Tip uveza: meki